Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of a Concrete Retaining Wall

A concrete retaining wall in a garden offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. Read on to discover what these are.

Concrete Options

Concrete is ideal for the outdoors as it doesn't rot or attract termites. It offers a range of structural options for a wall. You could use concrete sleepers that have been treated to mimic timber. Besser blocks with hollow sections are another possibility. They can be reinforced with steel rods and filled with mortar if the wall holds back a vast mound of soil. Contractors can also pour the concrete into place, adding pigments to the cement. Colour treatments can also be applied to the surface, or the wall could be rendered. Thus, you'll have various concrete options and colours to consider for the structure to harmonise it with your home.

Expand Usable Spaces

Retaining walls, in general, provide benefits for gardens. Is your house on a hilly piece of land, so you can't even access some spots? If so, you could build retaining walls to form tiers in the landscape. Once you create steps up the slope, you can use all areas of the property. The tiers will create space for new garden beds or an outdoor patio with a view. Levelling your garden like this will tame it so you can enjoy all its aspects.

Control Rain

Retaining walls can help you exert a degree of control over the rainfall. You can't govern when and how much it rains, but you can control how it affects your property. Hilly land can suffer as the rain doesn't have time to soak into the earth but instead flows downwards. It lifts the topsoil and can cause flooding at the bottom. Retaining walls even out the ground so that the plants get nourishment from the rain, and pooling water will be minimised.

Decorate Walls

However, you don't have to let the lay of your land dictate whether you can install a retaining wall. If your garden is flat, why not add levels and dimensions with these walls? You could build elevated planter boxes. For example, surround your backyard fence line with raised garden beds. Alternatively, use a retaining wall to create a focal point in the garden's centre. For example, you could build a circular concrete retaining wall around a bed of colourful flowers. You could get the contractors to treat the concrete to mimic cobblestones, creating the look of an ancient well.

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A concrete retaining wall in a garden offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. Read on to discover what these are. Concrete Options Concrete is i