Concrete Kerbing: Three Important Tips for Planning Slipform Construction

If you are building a new kerb on your property, consider the benefits of slipform concrete construction. The material is a perfect choice for this structure because of its resilience and durability. Concrete can withstand the impact and pressure related to traffic flow from vehicles and pedestrians. Moreover, slipforming is a great construction method because the concrete is placed in a continuous and uninterrupted mould. The approach eliminates weak points, improves intrinsic strength and ensures great kerb appeal. If you are interested in slipformed concrete kerbs, consider these guidelines for efficient planning.

Choose Your Contractor

The success of concrete construction projects depends on the choice of contractor for the project. Therefore, if you would like to build a beautiful and durable structure, choose a reliable concrete contractor. The most critical issue to focus on is their experience in slipforming. Slipforming is not the same as simple onsite pouring. The process requires knowledge and skill for the formation of the perfect kerb. If a contractor is inexperienced, the results could be abysmal. Other important factors for contractor selection include the scale of construction, insurance and customer feedback.

Consider the Design

When planning for kerb construction, think about the design of the desired structure. The appearance of the mould will determine the performance and appeal. Therefore, consult with the contractor and share your preferences. For instance, the profile of the kerb is crucial for both function and beauty. You can opt for a mountable or a non-mountable structure. Also, consider the height and size of the kerbing and choose the most compatible with your projected needs. A higher kerb is more effective for containing water for better drainage. However, a lower one is less restrictive when moving across the edge.

Understand the Material

The type of concrete will determine the ease of slipform construction. Moreover, the mix will affect the durability of the new structure. In general, contractors use a low slump speciality mix to ensure proper formability by the slipforming machine. This material is vibrated to achieve the optimal density for ideal compaction. However, if you have special requirements for your concrete kerb, discuss your needs before project commencement. For instance, inquire about reinforcement options or coloured concrete.

Finally, the chosen slipforming machine is critical for achieving the best results during concrete kerb construction. Usually, the pieces of equipment required for your project will be provided by the contractor. If you would like to rent the machine for your kerb work, consider equipment speed, capacity, minimum forming radius and speciality features. 

Contact a local slipform concrete contractor to get started.

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