Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete can actually be used as flooring inside a home; polishing the surface can give concrete a nice gloss and smooth finish, and the material can also be painted or stained or have an aggregate added for texture. If you're looking for a unique and eco-friendly option for flooring inside your home, note a few questions you might have about concrete and especially the polishing of the materials, and this can help you determine if it's the right choice for your home.

Is polished concrete slippery?

Polished concrete will often look as smooth as glass, but the sealant and polish added to concrete actually has some grip and traction. It may even be safer to walk on than many types of waxes that are added to linoleum or vinyl floors, while still offering a glossy finish that reflects light and makes a floor look very upscale and attractive.

What maintenance is needed for a concrete floor?

All flooring surfaces need maintenance and refinishing over time, and concrete is no different; the surface of this flooring will eventually wear away and it will then need a new coat of sealant and polish. The concrete itself may eventually crack or chip, depending on its overall wear and tear. In these cases, the concrete polish may need to be removed so those cracks can be filled, the surface then grinded or buffed, and a new layer of polish added. You may also want to eventually change the paint or stain of the concrete, so the polish and sealant are then grinded off so a new colour can be added, along with a new coat of sealant and polish.

Can you install a concrete floor on your own?

One drawback of a concrete floor is that its installation is not typically a do-it-yourself job. Before concrete is installed, the subfloor needs to be examined to see if it's strong enough to hold the weight of the concrete. The material also needs to be poured at a certain speed to ensure it doesn't set or cure before you can properly spread it.

Adding a paint or stain to the surface is also very different than painting a wall, as you want to ensure you use the right paint and that it doesn't seep into the surface before drying. Polishing the concrete is also a long process involving different grits of sandpaper and even a diamond-tipped sander, so the substance is buffed enough to hold a polish while remaining strong and durable.

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