Five Signs You Need Liquid Limestone Around the Pool

If you are planning to add a hard surface around your pool, there are numerous options. Liquid limestone, in particular, is something you may want to consider. Here are a few signs you should put a liquid limestone deck around your pool.

1. You Like a Cool Surface Underfoot

Liquid limestone doesn't pick up as much heat as concrete. As a result, it doesn't get as hot as concrete. If you live in a hot area, you may be forced to choose between burning your feet and always wearing shoes around the pool. With liquid limestone, you can comfortably walk around barefoot most of the summer—it's also great for little kids with sensitive feet.

2. You Don't Want Weeds

Typically, when you put in concrete, there are gaps between the slabs of concrete. While those gaps may look neat and tidy in the beginning, they often develop weeds or attract ants. That can look unsightly. Liquid limestone, in contrast, doesn't  get poured in slabs. Rather, it is poured all at once. In most cases, the entire area around your pool can be a contiguous sheet of limestone, and because of that, you don't have to worry about ants or weeds.

3. You Want an Even Surface

Because of how it's installed, liquid limestone creates a very even surface. In contrast, patio stones often move based on the whims on the ground below. That can be uneven, and the bumps can prevent a tripping and falling risk for family members and guests.

4. You Want Designs

Do you want a pattern around your pool? If so, a professional can easily etch or stain the liquid limestone around your pool. The installer can create the appearance of large concrete paving stones or small patio stones. Then, you can enjoy that look without the worries that come along with cracks.

Alternatively, you can have the installer stamp patterns or trace stencils into the limestone. That could be anything from the family crest on the side of the pool to a repeating pattern of something fun.

5. You Don't Mind Some Maintenance

Liquid limestone lasts for a long time, and it doesn't need that much maintenance compared to other surfaces. However, if you want to protect the colour, you may need to seal it once a year or so. Limestone is porous, and it can absorb stains if it's not sealed. To add a bit of luxury, you may want to use a glossy finish.


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