Using Scaffolding to Repair Concrete: 3 Things to Check

If you are planning to carry out repair work on a tall concrete structure, it is highly likely that you will need to use scaffolding in order to access the damaged areas. Using scaffolding in generally safer than using a set of ladders as it will allow you to move around more freely while carrying out the work. A scaffold structure is also much less likely to be affected by the wind. If you are planning to rent scaffolding in order to carry out a concrete repair job, you should keep the following information in mind.

Check if you need a permit

Before you begin work, you should check with the local council if you require a work permit. Whether or not a permit will be required will depend on the size of the scaffold you wish to erect and any local by-laws. If the scaffolding is going to be erected above a sidewalk or other public area, it is highly likely that you will be asked to apply for some form a permit. This permit will prove that the scaffolding you plan to erect will be safe and compliant with any local or national law.

Check the ground

Once the permit is sorted, the next thing you should check is the ground on which you plan to erect the scaffold tower. If the ground is in any way uneven, you should consider investing in scaffolding which has adjustable legs so that you can lower or raise the base of the scaffolding until it is perfectly level. You should also consider how you will secure the scaffolding in place. The rental agency will be able to advise you how best to secure the scaffolding. 

Check if you can move the scaffolding

When carrying out repair work on a concrete structure, it is likely that you will need to move the scaffolding around to reach different areas of the building. For this reason, you should consider investing in scaffolding which has caster wheels. The caster wheels will allow you to easily wheel the tower into a new position, without having to dismantle the scaffolding completely. You should never attempt the move a scaffolding tower which doesn't have wheels by dragging it along the ground. Doing so will put the scaffold tower at risk of collapse and could also damage the ground.

If you would like further information about using scaffolding to complete a concrete repair job, contact a professional contractor today.

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