Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Concrete Driveway

A significant number of homeowners opt for concrete as their choice material for their driveway due to its durability and longevity. However, since concrete is already considered a heavy-duty material, it is not uncommon to find some individuals completely neglecting its care and maintenance as they assume it will not require any. The truth is if you do not afford your concrete driveway the care that it needs, you will find that it requires concrete repairs on a consistent basis. This routine repair can eventually lead to complete deterioration of your driveway, necessitating replacement. The good news is maintenance does not have to be laborious as long as you know how to keep your driveway in good condition. Below are a few simple maintenance tips for your concrete driveway.

Tip 1: Regularly apply a sealer

Although concrete is not extremely porous, the precipitation that accompanies the colder months will expose it to a regular freeze and thaw cycle if the concrete is not protected, it will start to crack and crumble due to the constant exposure to snow, ice and rain. Moreover, the water on the concrete surface will begin to seep into the surface, leading to further deterioration. A good way to contend with this would be by applying an acrylic sealer on a routine basis.

The sealer not only protects the concrete driveway from water damage, but it will also act as a barrier against grease, car oil and other substances. Remember that this sealant should be replaced periodically, as it will also begin to show signs of deterioration over time.

Tip 2: Regularly clean the surface

When it comes to surface cleaning of the concrete, some homeowners may simply focus on eliminating surface dirt. However, what they are not bearing in mind is some debris can become embedded on the surface. If this debris is not removed in time, it continues to penetrate the surface and poses the risk of cracks to form. It is recommended to engage in the thorough scrubbing of the concrete surface to ensure that there are no rocks, stones or pebbles that are compromising its surface.

Thorough cleaning is also essential to ensure that any chemicals the driveway is exposed to, for example in the form of fertiliser runoff, transmission fluid and more, do not get the chance of damaging the sealant and consequently damaging the concrete. A good maintenance measure would be to invest in occasional professional power washing.

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