Questions to Ask When Planning on Having Kerbing Installed on Your Property

Kerbing can help protect lawns and walkways, and even pedestrians in parking lots, from an errant or distracted driver. They can also give any outdoor space a bit of visual interest, and add some definition between the lawn and the driveway or parking lot, making the area more attractive overall. When you're planning on having kerbing installed on your property, note a few questions to ask so you know what's involved and know the job will get done right.

Ask if they prepare the ground for the kerbing

If you're having kerbing installed around your property, you may be required to do nothing more than remove personal items such as garden hoses, decorative elements, and the like. You may be asked to remove any current edging and borders as well, but the kerbing company should manage all the heavy ground prep; this might include digging up the soil to remove weeds and grass, and then tamping it down to create a level and even surface. Doing this yourself can mean pulling up too much lawn and you may not be able to tamp down the ground as well, so always ask what you should and should not do to prepare the ground and space yourself.

Ask the best colour and tone for less fading

All painted or stained concrete will fade over time, but if you want a choice with the least amount of maintenance and needed retouching, ask about colour options. Very often the brightest colours, such as bold yellow and blue, will fade fastest, whereas a standard grey or even black may last much longer. Your kerbing installer can offer you the best options for a strong colour choice that stays true over time.

Ask their advice on the height of kerbing

Very low kerbing can provide an attractive border around flowerbeds, landscaping trees, and along residential driveways. However, it may not do much to stop an errant driver, as mentioned above, and a higher kerbing might be recommended at the edge of parking lots. On the other hand, kerbing that is too high around your residential space may interfere with your ability to mow your lawn, and may allow weeds to grow along the edge; you would need to get out the weed trimmer every time you cut the grass! Your installer can probably give you some recommendations for height, based on your space, the function of the kerbing, and the look you're trying to achieve.

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